Year 6 Blog-written and updated from our IT group in year 6


Science day 5/10/18

In year 6 we had an assembly Thomas and Hattie got to hold a stick that had a live flame on the end! If you hold it under the balloon it burst into flames. There was lots of experiments including liquid nitrogen, bottles that if you shock it, it turned a bright colour.

After the assembly, year 6 was split into 1 ½ group and we shared with year 5 who were also split into 1 ½ groups there was 3 activities

  1. was the going through the digestive system
  2. was the rocket science
  3. was the making bread

It was a fun day we all learnt a lot and learnt new skills.


Victorian day 19/10 /18


In the morning we were all surprised when Mrs Else and Mr Webb came out all strict and shouting at everybody. We couldn’t sit down until Mrs Else told us too. We did handwriting, P.E, maths and English.

At 3:30 we were all relieved to go home it must have been horrible being a Victorian!


Mk museum 1/10/18


 The Mk museum trip was great we got a tour of a building by 2 ladies. After lunch, we were split into 4 groups and go around the building again we learnt a lot about life as a maid. We got to wash up Victorian style! Everybody was amazed by how deep the well was. It was really fun!



Bridlington Trip


We are really looking forward to our trip to Bridlington. We will keep you posted each day with our news.

Nearly there.... 4 sleeps to go!


We arrived safely ,after a really easy journey. Having settled into our rooms and unpacked , we took a stroll around the harbour in the sunshine. With all tummies rumbling, we headed back to the hotel to a delicious meal. We then walked to the beach and  the whole class went straight into  the sea- yes, it WAS freezing!  They then played some games on the beach before we set off back for showers and hot chocolate. The children are now all tucked up in bed... clean, warm and full -we hope! 



We have had a fantastic and jam-packed day! After a full English breakfast we set  for to Bempton Cliffs', where we saw guillemots, razor bills, fulmars, gannets. kittiwakes AND, unbelievably, we were fortunate enough to see many puffins, some in full flight! The sun continued to shine as we made our way to Eden Camp. There, we stepped back in time as we  immersed ourselves  back into WW2.  We completed the day at the adventure playground. We are just about to have dinner before heading down to the beach for our sand sculpture competition- the sun is still shining!



We had a very early start this morning- places to be, sites to see! We arrived at the historic town of York and marched straight to Yorvik museum. There, we learned all about Viking life and the incredible archaeological dig of Coppergate - an entire Viking market street which was hidden beneath the streets of York for thousands of years. After a sunny picnic lunch in the park outside York Minster, we were given a fascinating lesson on the history and architecture of this incredible building. Next, we were given an educational tour around the breath-taking Minster itself. After that we were back on the coach, heading to the hotel for dinner, singing all the way. Finally, we hit the beach where we played, swam and were fortunate enough to witness one of Bridlington's brand new lifeboats heading out for a training session. Another great day!



Our final day of fun- sob,sob... and they've spent your money (see evidence below! ) After a great night's sleep (yes - they are all sleeping well!) we made our way to 'The Deep' sea-life conservation centre in Hull, where we saw stingrays, sharks, turtles, sawfish and many other amazing marine animals, many of which are endangered. We watched the penguins being fed and the divers maintaining the tanks to ensure they are in top-tip shape for the marine life. We then completed our 'think like a scientist' workshop, where we learnt how to be marine biologists. After a trip to the gift shop, we went back to the hotel for dinner and some very excited children gathered their coins ready for an evening in the arcades. We had a blast playing the machines, competing with each other, winning tickets and claiming prizes. Back at the hotel our hosts gave out prizes for the tidiest rooms before going to bed for our final sleep before home time. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!