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Power Maths 

Please use the below links for Maths working at home.

Unit 8

Unit 9

Unit 10

Please also click on the following link for structured maths lessons that link with our Power Maths scheme 

Term 4 work:

Guided reading

Animals and living things pack:

60 seconds reading guidance

Amazing Facts About the Human Body

Emma's Puppy Problem

Great Galapagos

Incredible Invertebrates!

Romans Activity Pack:

60-Second Reads Guidance

Caesar's Calendar Conundrum

Defeat or Retreat

Live Like an Emperor!

The Captivating Colosseum

 DT Pack:

Cardboard vehicle DT project

Interactive Learning links

 Story stimulus Pack:

Story stimulus a musical world

Story stimulus a new way to travel

Story stimulus a New world 2

Story stimulus castle midnight

Story stimulus Moon Landing

Story stimulus the storm is coming

Story writing into the mist

Target-Feedback YEAR 4 MASTER

Up levelling

 Maths Pack:


Unit 8 answers

Unit 9 answers

Unit 10 answers