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Old Stratford Primary School

Music Lessons

Creating lifelong Learning opportunities for everyone

 Learning an instrument is an exciting and valuable experience that can lead to an enjoyable life-long activity as well as provide wider health and educational benefits.

At Old Stratford Primary School our Music is provided by NMPAT who offer lessons for Brass, Drums, Strings and Woodwind. Prices do change, and so for the most up to date information on prices please contact Old Stratford Primary School on 01908 267 700.

Lessons are split into 11 weeks of 10 minute sessions, where possible instruments are loaned to students so they can practice at home. Additional information can be found using the following link to the  NMPAT website.

If you require a new starter form or continuation form please contact the main office with your request, child's name and musical instrument of interest to office@oldstratford.northants.sch.uk