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Good morning to you all! We have finally arrived at Friday and the last day of our Spring Term. Today I just want to thank you for managing the last couple of weeks. I know for some people it has been challenging managing work and child care as well as looking after vulnerable relatives without being able to see them, shopping whilst socially distancing and being cut off from friends and family. Some have lost out financially - loss of holidays, loss of jobs or earnings. What an upheaval it has been. What a completely alien, unexpected situation we have all had to deal with. So remember if there are a few things that haven't gone to plan, cut yourself some slack. Use the next 2 weeks to enjoy your children. Put down the pencils and pens to do school work and just enjoy being together. Turn the news off or limit yourself to watching it once a day (something I MUST do). The sun is supposed to shine over the weekend so get out in your gardens, if you have them and soak up some vitamin D.

Please continue to send photos of what you and your children have been up to as it really does lift our spirits as we miss your children so much. Keep them safe and we will catch up with you all after the Easter holiday.

Here are some smiley faces that lifted our spirits. These pictures are of Morgan, Jasmine and Taylor and their new puppy called Rex . The girls have been busy making dens and shops and making roasted marshmallows with chocolate sprinkles on them.  Morgan has been keeping active by teaching the puppy football. Well done!



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Welcome to Day 10 of Pacesetter@Home!

We hope you all enjoyed yesterday's videos! Today we have another 7 videos to look after your children's mental and physical health. Enjoy!

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 Here are today's sessions:


Good morning! I hope you are all well. I can't believe how fast this week is going - already on Thursday. I have to force myself to look at the date and keep track of the days of the week whilst we are in this lock down as everyday seems the same. Routine is good but sometimes I get the urge to change things up a bit just for a bit of sanity. George and Freddie don't always appreciate this as this week I decided to learn a new skill - hairdressing! I have become very handy with clippers and both my boys have smart new skin heads!! I think they are just grateful that I won't need to do it again for a while. I'm just wondering whether I may need to try my hand at dog grooming next...

Anyway someone who has been keeping busy in the kitchen is Olivia from Year 1. She has been learning how to make pasta and even wrote down how to do it. Take a look at what she has been up to.


Well done Olivia!

For those of you who are following Pacesetters, please see below for today's post.

Welcome to Day 9 of Pacesetter@Home!

We hope you all enjoyed yesterday's videos! Today we have another 7 videos to look after your children's mental and physical health. Enjoy!

Please remember to share your family completing the activities on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages using the hashtag #pacesetterathome

 Here are today's sessions:

Just because you are in isolation you don’t have to be “isolated”, join the pacesetter community and be a PACESETTER @ HOME!


Good morning everybody. How are you all getting on with our competition? Harder than you think isn't it? As a staff we did have a giggle at all the different haircuts and clothes we were all wearing. 

On a more serious note, I have had a lot of friends and family asking me how to teach their children at home. There have been concerns raised about not wanting their children to fall behind. I understand every concern they have as I cannot deny that these thoughts have not crossed my mind with my own children. So I just wanted to put some thoughts and perspective on the situation and hopefully lesson some of the pressure you may be feeling about supporting learning at home.

Some things to consider are firstly, this is not home-schooling. This is an unprecedented emergency situation impacting on the whole world. Home-schooling is something you choose to do and you have time to plan and prepare. At best this is distance learning and in reality we are all learning together in this ever changing climate.

You have always been your child's primary educator. You know your children better than anyone. If you decide that your child is not going to engage on any particular day with the work they have been set by their teachers and they would prefer to play, bake or be creative, then that is your choice. There is nothing to feel guilty about. Remember all learning is is valuable. Building lego, reading a story together, playing outside, playing a board game, writing a letter to a family member they can't see is all learning and relevant to the current situation.

Please remember that schools had very little notice, little preparation time and we were not told to continue to plan full lessons as normal and just send them home. Distance learning needs a lot of preparation over a long period of time. I am very lucky to have a team of extremely dedicated staff that are working hard behind the scenes to provide work and plan activities with very little resources at their disposal as well as looking after their own families. 

It is difficult to facilitate distance learning for primary aged children as they need constant input and reassurance. If you are trying to do this as well as work from home, please stop now for your own sanity. Again these are unprecedented times so don't feel guilty.

Over the Easter holidays, teachers will not post any specific activities. I feel it is important for everybody to take a break and spend time with their families. However, from the start of the Summer Term we will post new activities and tasks for your children to enjoy. But we do not expect you to complete all of the work, it is there for filling time if needed and if your situation allows it. We cannot structure your day for you and it is impossible and unrealistic to try and follow a school timetable. I will continue to write this blog until the end of this week and begin again after the holiday. Here I can keep you updated and share what we have all been up to in our school community.

On a lighter note, Mr Beale has been busy looking after some old friends of our Year 5 class. These are the tiny chicks that hatched way back at the beginning of last term. Look how healthy they look and according to Mr Beale provide the family with a good amount of eggs for breakfast!


Also some of our children have sent in some of the things they have been up to at home. Aoife-Belle from Year 1 has been busy making a boat. She completed her boat as part of the transport project made with bits and bobs from around the house - she even managed to float it for a few seconds :). Well done Aoife-Belle!


 Jamie from Year 3 has been getting his hands dirty whilst learning at the same time. Well done Jamie!


 Keep sending your photos in. I am so pleased to see people taking advantage of just being together and having some fun whilst learning at the same time.

Don't forget to get your entries in for our Guess Who competition.

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We hope you all enjoyed yesterday's videos! Today we have another 7 videos to look after your children's mental and physical health. Enjoy!

 Please remember to share your family completing the activities on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages using the hashtag #pacesetterathome

 Here are today's sessions:

Just because you are in isolation you don’t have to be “isolated”, join the pacesetter community and be a PACESETTER @ HOME!


Morning everybody! I am having a few glitches with the website this morning so please forgive me if things look a little disjointed once I have saved. I hope you are all well. All the teachers have been in contact over the past few days and we have been discussing how to keep you all busy. Mr Andrews would welcome any communication through Tapestry for his class and encourages you all to upload any photos onto the App. 

We were also discussing how difficult it is to keep the children busy as well as keeping them motivated to do their school work. I think the answer is that there is no right answer. We have to keep it real. There is no point stressing if you are working from home and you haven't got the time to teach your children for hours as well. Some of our staff were letting me know what they have been up to with their families. Baking seems to be a favourite. Mrs Herman seems to be a keen baker. Take a look at what she's been up to with her children.


 Mrs Wilsdon went for biscuits whilst Mr Bright went for Indian Cuisine!


Whereas Mrs Faraday and Miss Clarke went decluttering the house.


As you can see we are all using this time that we have differently. Please check out the year group pages for any updates. I have added a useful link for Maths learning. This link will give you some helpful guidance and resources for various maths subjects as well as giving you some structure.

Now for some fun. We as staff have come together over social media to organise a competition for you. We have all provided baby photographs and our challenge to you parents and children alike, is to guess which baby is which teacher? Answers are to be sent to the office email: office@oldstratford.northants.sch.uk The first person to guess all correct answers will win a prize which they can collect on their return to school. Have fun guessing!!


  For those of you who are following, here is your daily update from Pacesetters.

Welcome to Day 7 of Pacesetter@Home!


We hope you all enjoyed yesterday's videos! Today we have another 7 videos to look after your children's mental and physical health. Enjoy!


Please remember to share your family completing the activities on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages using the hashtag #pacesetterathome

 Here are today's sessions:


Hello everybody! I hope you all had a good weekend and a rest from school work. We are now into week 2 of being at home. Well done to those children that have been sending in some examples of the work they have been doing at home. Annabelle from Year 1 has been busy making rainbows in support of the NHS and Henry from Reception has been working hard on a Dinosaur Fact File. A really big well done!

Annabelle's Rainbow Window Dinosaur Fact File

My boys, George and Freddie did a great job washing my car. I now look like I have a brand new car sitting on my drive as it is so shiny. George also did some baking. He made a delicious chocolate cake - not bad for his first attempt.

     George's cake 2  

Those of you who are following the Pacesetters challenges, here is today's post:

Welcome to Day 6 of Pacesetter@Home!

We hope you all enjoyed yesterday's videos! Today we have another 7 videos to look after your children's mental and physical health. Enjoy!

Please remember to share your family completing the activities on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages using the hashtag #pacesetterathome and don't forget if you post a video of your children (and yourself!) onto Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #pacesetterathome, you will be entered into a competition to win a Pacesetter personalised sports jersey!



Today we held our last VIP Assembly of the year. Well done to all of this term's VIPs.


History Day

The children from across the school enjoyed a super History Day today organised by Mrs Bull. The children all came dressed as a significant historical figure. There were some amazing costumes even from the staff. The children travelled in mixed aged groups from class to class where they were met by each teacher that covered a different period in history. They also enjoyed some drama and freeze framing from our visitors from 'History off the Page.'





Transition Day

It was a very exciting Monday today as all of our children spent a day with their new teacher and in their new year group. We welcomed Mr Andrews and Mrs Herman who joined their new classes for the day too. It was lovely to see all of our new starters in Reception who all settled quickly and enjoyed playing in their new environment.


Year 3 and 4 History Week

What a fantastic week Year 3 and 4 have had as they have travelled back in time in their History Week on Britain. They have dressed up and looked at different significant people and events in British history. The children have enjoyed traditional cream tea, country dancing, Morris dancing, Tennis and a day with 'History Off the Page' learning through pictures paintings and artefacts. Well done to all the children for their amazing costumes!




We had a wonderful 'Walk In' morning today where many parents came in to work alongside their children. It was lovely to see the wide range of activities going on. We had singing, art, science, story writing and problem solving! 

WalkIn1 WalkIn2 WalkIn3 WalkIn4



Year 5 Theatre Trip to London

What a great day we had Thursday 20th June.  Year 5 all arrived nice and early, a little too early for some.  The coach got us into London earlier than expected so we were treated to a sightseeing tour.  The driver took us to Downing Street, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament and Hyde Park.

Enter text...

We arrived at the London Eye for our Thames River Cruise and had a little walk along Southbank before boarding our boat.  We travelled down to the Thames and saw more iconic buildings along the riverside. After our cruise we were driven by our coach driver to Pizza Express for a great lunch of pizza, chocolate cake and ice cream. 

After we had let our lunch down we took a stroll around the corner to Drury Lane and to the Gillian Lynne Theatre.  We got to our seats and awaited the start of “School of Rock”.  Oh my gosh what a show, it was amazing and all of Year 5 were totally mesmerised by the incredibly talented musicians and singers on stage.  Mr Webb and others were seen headbanging along to the music.  It was a brilliant show – if you get the chance to see it please go and see it !

The coach picked us up from the theatre and we were home just before 8pm.  A great day had by all and the children of Year 5 were impeccably behaved and well mannered. A big thank you to Mr Webb, Mrs Ansell and Mrs Winborne for organising the trip and giving the children a day to remember.


Internet Safety

Each class were visited today by Simon Aston. Simon is the e-safety officer for Northamptonshire County Council and teaches children how to stay safe online. The children had plenty of questions for Simon who answered every one and made sure that the children understood the dangers that they could come across online but also what a wonderful place the internet can be if used safely. Simon also did a session for parents towards the end of the day sharing the messages he had given the children and sign posting the parents to some useful sites to help them stay up to date with current issues relating to the internet.


Year 6 Paris Trip

 Wow what a fabulous few days we have had in Paris with the Year 6 children! It was an absolute pleasure to take these impeccably behaved children away on an exciting trip to Disneyland Paris.

We left early on Wednesday morning and headed for Dover to catch our Ferry to Calais. Some of the children had not experienced being on a ferry before so this was a great opportunity to experience something for the first time. We waved goodbye to the rain and finally arrived at our accommodation for a well earned dinner! The children loved exploring their surroundings but knew that a decent nights sleep was required if they were to enjoy every second of their trip to Disneyland in the morning. 

France 1 France 2 France 3

Everybody was up bright and early the next day as excitement grew for the big day to Disneyland! There were lots of cheers and screams as we drove up to the gates. Before we knew it we were surrounded by Disney characters and  Disney theme tunes filled the airwaves. 

We headed straight for the Rocking Roller coaster! The adventure had begun. The day was filled with laughter and screaming. The favourite rides were Tower of Terror, Space Mountain and The Run away train. There was something for everybody to enjoy. Just before we left the park, the children were allowed to spend their money on a few souvenirs.

Rocking 7 8

9 11 13

Our third and final day was spent in the centre of Paris where the children enjoyed a cruise down the River Siene taking  in the sites and seeing some of Paris' famous landmarks.  We finished our time in France with Lunch under the Eiffel Tower. We couldn't of asked for better weather. It was then time to travel home to see our parents and share our great adventure. There were a  few sleepy children on the way home! Please visit our Year 6 Blog if you would like to see the whole collection of photos. A big thank you to Mrs Else, Mrs Winborne and Mrs Hawes for organising and supervising on the trip, giving the children such a wonderful experience.

12 14 18 20



What a hard working week! Year 6 have worked their socks off completing their SATs tests this week. They have all been very relaxed and positive throughout the whole process as they have striven to do their very best. Their focus has been commendable. Well done to you all! And what better way to celebrate the end of a hard working week then a water fight!!




What a wonderful start to the day. It was lovely to see so many different awards this morning in our Celebration Assembly. Awards ranged from swimming awards to dance certificates from music achievements to Blue Peter badges. A big thank you to all of the children for bringing in these special certificates, medals, trophies and awards to share with us today. We do like seeing what our children get up to outside of school.


Year 4 shared their experience at The Frontier Camp this morning in their Class Assembly. Well done to all the children for speaking so clearly and entertaining us with all of their funny stories and incredible photographs of them overcoming many challenges. A super way to start the day - thank you Year 4!


Internet Safety

Today the whole school discussed how to stay safe on the internet. The children asked some very interesting questions and are obviously keen to stay safe. Although the internet is a very exciting place that can provide us with huge benefits, it is important that we educate the children about the dangers. The local Community Police Officer talked to the Key Stage 2 children about the dangers but also informed the children of where they can go to report any upsetting or disturbing behaviour that they come across online or when they are out in the community -  www.fearless.org  Please visit our safeguarding page for more information on how to keep your children safe online.


Life Education Bus

It was lovely to see all the children back at school yesterday after such a sunny Easter Holiday. The children returned to an exciting week of new learning experiences. The Life Education Bus was here for the first 2 days of term. Each class visited the bus and learnt about a range of different things such as learning about decisions, friendships and their bodies etc. The positive response from the children has shown what an incredibly worthwhile visit this is and they all take a lot away from it. 

Of course, a visit to the Life Education Bus, wouldn't be the same without Harold the giraffe. This all makes the learning for the children a lot more memorable. We look forward to another visit next year!

Life Education Bus



Year 4 residential to the Frontier Camp

What a wonderful 3 days at the Frontier Camp for the Year 4 children. They had a fabulous 2 night stay in Irthlingborough where they enjoyed a number of outdoor activities to push them all out of their comfort zone which was an absolute privilege to watch.  On arrival, the children were set their first challenge of making their beds! But before we knew it, the children were helping each other ensuring everybody was ready for their first room inspection! Some of the favourites were rock climbing, fencing and abseiling. Look out on our gallery for some pictures of the children in action. A big thank you to Mrs Faraday, Mrs Smith and Miss Akhlaq for taking the children and giving them such a wonderful experience.




Well done to the winners of the OSSA Quiz Night. Congratulations to The Ed Pro's who stole first prize with a 4 point lead. A big thank you to the volunteers from OSSA for organising the event.


 What a super day the Year 5 and 6 children had today. They enjoyed celebrating Holi Day, an Indian Spring Festival, by Bollywood Dancing, Henna and paint throwing which are all Indian traditions


15. 3.19

It was so lovely to see so many parents and carers attend our 'Walk In Morning' today. It was interesting to see all the different activities going on (arts and crafts, games, maths, puzzles) and the parents joining in alongside their children. 



We welcomed back our Year 3 children today after their residential trip to Caldecotte. They didn't look so fresh faced but there were certainly some smiles as they shared their experiences with me when they returned. I think a trip in a speed boat was one of the highlights. A big thank you to Mrs Holmes, Mrs Wilsdon, Mrs Freil and Mrs Smith for taking the children and giving them such a wonderful experience.



Year 3 set off today for their very first residential trip to Caldecotte. They were all very excited and fresh faced when they left. Don't forget to look on our gallery for lots of photographs of the children in action.



The children enjoyed dressing up today as their favourite book character to help celebrate Old Stratford's World Book Day. As well as dressing up, the children took part in various reading and book activities throughout the day. The children also got the opportunity to visit different classrooms and share their favourite book with each other. 



What a very enjoyable Celebration Assembly we had this morning. We had a huge amount of children to celebrate. Year 5 all received their swimming certificates as well as many other children receiving awards and trophies for things ranging from dance exams and competitions to football trophies, from music certificates to theatre audition achievements.  It is so lovely to see all the different activities the children do out of school.  


The children took part in a Visual Impairment Awareness Day today where they were encouraged to use all of their senses to complete a number of tasks given to them from teachers across the school. The children were able to feel what it would be like if they had very little vision or no vision at all. One of our visually impaired children did a fantastic assembly for the rest of the children, explaining what it was like for him to be visually impaired. He then took questions from the children who were very interested in his presentation. I would like to say a big thank you to Mrs Burnside for coordinating the whole day and Northampton Support Team for the visually impaired for their use of resources and activities.





Our Year 3 and 4 children had the opportunity to take part in Bikeability today. The session taught the the children how to look after their bikes and how to keep safe whilst riding them. Luckily the sun stayed out and the children had a lot of fun.






What an amazing evening Year 5 and 6 had, at the O2 in London, for the Young Voices concert. They experienced just what it was like to be part of a fabulous show watched by a huge audience. The children sang their socks off and danced the night away to a range of different songs that they had rehearsed for the last 3 months. The highlight of the evening was a performance from the one and only Tony Hadley. I expect the children will remember this experience for a very long time.




Our Year 6 children were lucky enough to visit the Saints Study Centre today. They had a fabulous day! They were shown around the stadium and then took part in some team building and problem solving games.



I am so proud of all our children here at Old Stratford Primary School. What fantastic Christmas performances from both KS1 and KS2. It was so lovely to see children singing their socks off as they told the Christmas story in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 sang their hearts out as they shared with us the Christmas traditions that we all know and love. Well done to everybody! We wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!



September seems like a distant memory. It has been a long and busy Autumn Term. We are all looking forward to Christmas and our whole staff team would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

This term has been packed with activities, visitors into school and educational visits outside of school. This has all been in addition to our staff and children working extremely hard to cover the national curriculum and to ensure our children all fulfill their potential.

Our school continues to grow with additional children starting all of the time which is a wonderful compliment and testimony to the team here. Only last week, Old Stratford was ranked 10th in the County for performance by the DFE which is a huge credit to all children, staff, parents and other stakeholders that invest their time and commitment into the school.

The highlights for me this year were the two amazing Christmas productions where many people attended to watch fantastic acting, singing and dancing. It was great to see the confidence in our children and the smiles on their faces. Again, these events enrich the curriculum and allow education to take place both inside and outside of the classroom.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all well at this special time of the year and hope 2019 brings you more amazing experiences.


 Year 1 and 2 had a fantastic day in London today. They experienced first hand the London Eye then took a cruise on the Thames to take in the famous landmarks of London. The children arrived back buzzing and eager to share all that they had seen. A big thank you to all of the staff and volunteers for giving the children this wonderful experience.




We had a very important visitor in school today. James Dasaolu, a British Olympic sprinter, joined us at Old Stratford Primary School for some serious exercise! James worked with each class and put them through their paces whilst trying to raise money for charity. All the children put their heart and soul into their session as James inspired them to try their hardest and persevere to the end of the session.


Year 2 ‘We Love London Assembly’

Year 2 did us proud, not a mistake in sight and every one shone like stars with their ‘We love London Assembly’ telling us all about London’s iconic buildings, history and who could forget 006 and a bit Billy Bond.

Today we also welcomed a very important visitor to Old Stratford Primary, THE QUEEN!!!!


Gasp!!!! Here she is with the naughty bus, mayor and two fans alongside the amazing models created by our year 2




We were taken on a tour of iconic monuments learning about interesting facts that will make it even more special for the children when they actually visit these great buildings at the London Eye trip on the 4th December.


We couldn’t be more proud watching our children perform and putting so much effort into each costume and prop, I think the parents can agree that they certainly deserved a big round of applause!


 What a great day the Year 6 children have had today whilst visiting the Black Country Museum in Birmingham, to support their Victorian Topic. The children were able to experience what it was like to live in the Victorian times. They were able to sit down at a desk and try writing on a slate as Victorian children used to. They also found out how teachers used finger stocks, blackboards and the dreaded cane to keep children in order! This totally immersive environment enabled the children to really step back in time as they explored 300 years of history in this open air museum.




Welcome back everybody, I hope you all had a fantastic holiday. It has been lovely welcoming back all the children and meeting all of our new starters. I hope you will enjoy your time with us here at Old Stratford Primary School.


I am happy to announce that over the summer break we successfully converted to an academy and are now part of The Grand Union Trust. We are all looking forward to working with both New Bradwell and Jubilee Wood, sharing ideas and celebrating success. The teachers have been working really hard over the summer planning an exciting curriculum for you all to enjoy.

Please look out for letters coming out this evening, asking for Parent Governors. If you would like more information regarding the role do not hesitate to ask. Don't forget to log onto the school App (School Jotter) for regular updates, notices and dates for your diary.


A big well done to all the children that took part in the Archery yesterday at Deanshanger Primary. They were praised by the organisers on their impeccable behaviour and how well they supported each other. It was also a real opportunity to mix with other children across the cluster as al the teams were a mixture of different schools.






What a WOW day we had yesterday.  I am sure you will have heard all about it.  We had the pleasure of 2 inspirational Basketball coaches Mark and Paul come in to spend the day with us.  They were both very inspirational and encouraged all of the children to get involved in their sessions.  Paul proved to be very popular, this may have something to do with him being the World's tallest Basketball player and Britain's tallest man.  He even bought in  his Guinness World Record Certificate to prove this.  The afternoon ended with autographs, photos and "high 5's".  A great day was had by all, one pupil in Reception commented "it was the best day ever".





Well done to all our guitarists for sharing what they have learnt with parents and the rest of the school during our assembly today. What an excellent performance from many talented children. If your child is in KS2 and you would like your them to learn a musical instrument next year, please contact the office for a form.


What a very hard working week the children have had this week. Year 6 have worked their socks off this week. They approached their Year 6 SATs with maturity and a positive attitude. We are very proud of how they dealt with the pressures of tests both during SATs week and in the months leading up to it. They have all worked incredibly hard and have been fully motivated to achieve their full potential.



What a super Year 5 residential trip to Grendon Hall. It was an absolute privilege to watch the children challenge themselves in every way. On arrival, the children were set their first challenge of making their beds! But before we knew it, the children were helping each other ensuring everybody was ready for their first room inspection! It was then time to experience a range of exciting outdoor activities from high ropes to swamp crossing to orienteering to camp fires. All children threw themselves into every activity, trying their best and overcoming their fears and apprehensions.  Once cleaned and fed, the children were soon ready for bed. Day two was a much warmer day and the children enjoyed yet more outdoor activities from Tarzan swing to night line, to problem solving to bush craft. There were many jokes shared around the camp fire before the marshmallows were toasted and devoured! The last day was rather wet but again the children showed their resilience and persevered through the wet and muddy conditions. They were certainly ready for a good wash and sleep when it was time to leave. But of course there was one last challenge and that was to fit all their kit back into their bags! This was the biggest challenge of all. 


It was lovely to share the recent OFSTED report with you all today. We were last inspected in February 2016 and were then judged ‘Requires Improvement’ during a period of considerable change. To have improved from ‘Requires Improvement’ to ‘Good’ in only two years is a truly fantastic achievement and is a reflection of the time and support given by everyone connected with the school and who have shown a huge commitment in helping to make Old Stratford Primary School the best school it can be.

This is nothing less than the community deserves and we would like to thank you all for your contribution.

 We have all worked extremely hard over the last two years and the journey has been an extremely rewarding one and we can see the positive benefits of this throughout the school. OFSTED’s recognition of this achievement through the awarding of a ‘Good’ is a positive validation of all our effort. We are now looking forward to continuing the journey and building on our success.


Wow what a busy week! An OFSTED visit mid week gave us a great opportunity to show off all the exciting learning we do here at Old Stratford Primary School. Watch this space for an update as to how it went when the full report is published shortly. As well as OFSTED visiting, we also had a visit from The French Theatre Workshop. Key Stage 2 children enjoyed learning new songs and phrases in French. The day was finished off by a theatre production from the team which the children really enjoyed. The week ended well too with a VIP Assembly. Well done to all the children who received their VIP awards this month.



Thank goodness the school was safe to open today after our Snow Day on Friday, we would of hated to miss our World Book Day. There were so many different book characters walking around the school today. Even the teachers got into the spirit of the day. The children had fun working through many book related activities. Mrs Lewis also shared with the children a new reading incentive where for every book you read you can collect a token for your class. The class that collects the most tokens will receive a special treat.




What a fantastic Science Day the children had today! It was lovely to walk around the school and see a huge variety of science investigations going on in all the classrooms.



A big thank you to Energy Kidz this morning for an exciting assembly that had all the children involved and excited. We are really looking forward to Energy Kidz starting their wrap around care (Breakfast & After School Clubs) after the Easter holiday (17th April). If you are interested in booking your children a place please book online by following this link https://www.energy-kidz.co.uk/

In our morning assembly, we also said goodbye to Mrs Cooper who works in Year 1. We will miss her happy persona around the school but wish her all the best for her new job. We hope she will stay in touch and let us know how she is getting on.


Year 6 had a wonderful time at The Saints Rugby Club today. After a tour of the club, where the children learnt tactical operations, the children took part in lots of team building exercises and mini games. A lot of fun was had by all.


Wow! Year 5 and 6 had a wonderful time today in the Alphadome exploring Space. The experience gave the children lots of information that they can then use to enhance their Science Topic this term.


Welcome back! I hope you all had a lovely half term break. It was good to see all the children back today ready to begin another term of exciting learning.


Year 2 have had a fantastic time this afternoon. They have been visited by some very friendly owls. The children stayed very calm as they took a turn holding the owls wearing special protective gloves.



It was so lovely to see so many parents attending our Walk In Wednesday this morning. There were lots of fun activities going on around the school. It was brilliant to see the parents enjoying them too!




Look who came to visit our Reception Class today! The children really enjoyed their visit from the Fire Brigade. They listened carefully to the fire service when they explained what they do in their jobs. They became very excited when they were then allowed to get into the fire engine and use the hose!




A very exciting day today as the work begins on the Early Years outdoor area! We are all looking forward to seeing a big impact in the coming weeks.


Well done to all of our new VIPs who received their awards today in our VIP assembly. Children were given their awards for a variety of reasons such as perseverance, friendship, hard work, helping others as well as many others. We have an exciting week ahead next week when the work to develop the outside area in Early Years starts. The work should take 2 weeks. I will keep you posted on the developments.


A big welcome back to school and a very Happy New Year to you all. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We have started our new term with some exciting starts to the Year group topics. Please visit your child's year group page for updates on what your children will be learning this term.

Today Year 5 and 6 have had training on how to become a Sports Leader. They will be using these skills to lead sporting activities at playtimes. 


What a great festive week we have had. Early Years and Key Stage 1 did a fantastic job telling the Christmas Story. Their Nativity was excellent. Key Stage 2 also did 2 fantastic concerts and sang their socks off! We are definitely starting to feel the Christmas spirit in school.




Another exciting day today! The children in Years 5 and 6 were completely immersed in their topic by going back in time to the 1940's. They all dressed up and spent their day as a typical child in World War 2. They experienced what it could have been like being evacuated to the countryside and spending a day in their new school. They were then able to explore the High Street where they could visit different traders. By the end of the day the children had a good idea of the cause and effect of the evacuations during the Second World War. 



What a great day was had by all in Year 1 and 2 today when they all came dressed up for their Castle Day! The children enjoyed a day set during the mediaeval period and spent the day in the life of a typical Norman castle under siege in the south east of England. To finish the day the children enjoyed a typical Norman Banquet.



I hope you all had a lovely half-term break. It has been another busy start to the term. Thank you to all the children who took part in our half-term challenge. We received many extreme reading photographs - look out for them displayed around the school. We also had plenty of Fairy Gardens brought in. The Student Council will make the final decision on who the winners are.

We have had the Community Police officers in today delivering the Butterfly Project. This is a county wide project that teaches children to identify when they get that butterfly feeling in their stomach that is warning them of danger. There were workshops delivered to all classes set at different levels. All children were given a blue butterfly badge to help them remember the key points raised throughout the day.

Sadly today we said goodbye to Mrs Carter our Office Manager. A special assembly was held at the end of they day where the children and staff were able to say a few words about why they would miss her. Mrs Carter has worked at Old Stratford School for 21 years and has shown great loyalty and dedication. She will be sadly missed but has promised to visit regularly and join us on trips or run clubs in the future.


Well it's been a very busy week. Thank you to all who attended Parents Evening I know some of you persevered through heavy traffic to get here but we do appreciate all your efforts. Parents Evening is always a good opportunity for the staff to feedback all of the hard work your children have been doing.

Year 3 & 4 have had a wonderful day today immersing themselves in the Stone Age times. It was wonderful to see all the children and staff dressed up and ready to fully engage into the spirit of the day. Watch out for photographs on the school gallery.

Finally I wish you all a lovely week off for half term. I hope you all enjoy some well earned family time.



Wow a big well done to Year 2 for a wonderful Class Assembly today. They shared their class story beautifully with fantastic expression. Well done to them all for learning all of their lines and speaking so clearly. It was lovely to hear about what they have been learning in the classroom.