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Old Stratford Primary School


Old Stratford Primary School Geography Curriculum Rationale

Our Geography Curriculum is organised through thematic enquiry and ensures that substantive knowledge is deliberately and explicitly taught. Our aim is to fulfil the requirements of the National Curriculum for Geography; providing a broad and balanced differentiated curriculum. Skills and knowledge are built on from the previous year groups, giving pupils opportunities to make sense of major geographical concepts. Our curriculum aims to develop from a local to a broader, global appreciation of places around the world with the location as a core principle. With this approach, different regions of the world are explored alongside geographical issues allowing our pupils to think and question like a geographer and have excellent knowledge of where places are and what they are like, both in Britain and the wider world. The sequence of our Geography Curriculum builds through the year groups moving our pupils forward equipped with prior knowledge, enabling them to succeed.

Our Geography Curriculum is delivered using a thematic approach allowing for other areas of the foundation subjects to be woven into the theme giving our pupils an opportunity to make connections and embed learning. Our Geography curriculum is high quality, well thought out and planned to demonstrate progression of skills and knowledge enabling our teachers to deliver high standards of teaching in Geography. A cycle of lessons for each subject, carefully plans for progression and depth concentrating on geographical skills suited to the specific age group. Enrichment experiences are planned through educational visits to give the pupils memorable and meaningful learning experiences as well as opportunities to carry out fieldwork. Pupils are explicitly taught skill, knowledge and vocabulary needed to effectively explain and understand geographical issues in the past, present and future by the end of key
Stage 2.

Through high quality teaching and a progressive Geography curriculum, our pupils will not only meet the requirement of the National
Curriculum but also will be ready for the next stage of their learning and prepare them to become competent geographers in secondary education. We measure the impact of our curriculum through the following methods:
• A reflection on the standards achieved against the planned outcomes;
• Pupil discussion about their learning;
• Continuous summative assessment throughout discussions and activities