Duxford Air Museum Year 5&6

We had an amazing day with our Year 5&6 children at Duxford Air Museum where the children were able to immerse themselves into some fascinating history, please find pictures below of our trip!.

School dinners

Today(04/09/2019) we have started our new school dinner system, where our children choose what they eat from our hot menu to lovely fresh salads and jacket potatoes. Here are some pictures of our new salad lunch set-up and we are pleased to see some very delicious options which our children are loving!

Year 6 fun day!


Well we can certainly say the children of Year 6 have been treated today, they had the chance to go on an inflatable obstacle course and bungee ropes which they all have loved!  A big thank you to our young enterprise children from year 6 who raised money for their class to be able to enjoy pizza for lunch!

We would also like to thank everyone who helped make today happen and thank Mrs Else and Miss Hawes for supervising our children and taking time out of their lunches to look after the pupils.

Madagascar Performance 2019!

A massive well done to the children of Old Stratford Primary School, again you have shown amazing talent with the Year 5&6 Madagascar performances! Throughout the children have worked so hard to keep their energy up at each performance and we have taken some wonderful photos to show you!

We cannot thank you enough for the support given from the volunteers to our wonderful choreographer and directors, this is a shining beacon representing the absolute wonderful support from our parents, teachers and students. So a big well done and wonderful performance to end the year!

We will be having a further review of the show coming soon on the Headteachers Blog.

Sports day


Wow! We are so proud of our children today who took part in sports day at Old Stratford Primary School, everyone worked hard and we couldn't ask any more from them. The weather was glorious and we have to thank all the parents who were able to attend to show their support.

We can all agree the new organisation of the Sports day by Miss Griffin really worked and the positive feedback has been wonderful to hear and we look forward to next year!


VIP assembly

We would like to congratulate all of our children for the hard work and effort they have all put in at Old Stratford Primary School, but there were a small number who our teachers felt deserved a VIP recognition at our assembly today. 

Old Stratford

History Day 2019

The children may feel a bit exhausted tonight! They have been busy travelling through time for the whole day, wearing their spectacular outfits. Thank you for all the time and effort you have put in. The children have impressed us all by explaining who their character is and why they are famous.

They have been ‘Mosaics Makers’ in Reception, ‘Digging for Victory’ poster designers in Year1, ‘Coat of arms’ creators in Year 2, ‘Swinging Sixties’ party organisers in Year 3, ‘Vicious Viking’ longboat investigators in Year 4 and there has been ‘Beatlemania’ in Year 5!  Each class has also experienced history through drama, during their session with our history visitor Helen. They have had the opportunity to ask historical questions and research The Victorians, Kings and Queens and The Sixties.

We hope they have had a wonderful learning experience and have become lifelong historians.

Mrs Bull


Years 3&4 History week

Years 3&4 History week, today we had History off the page providing our children a  tangible way of learning through photos, books, painting cups and all sorts of activities.

Years 3&4 History week has arrived and today the children were learning the art of Morris dancing.

Walk in morning

Walk in morning at Old Stratford Primary School where parents were welcomed to join our classes this morning.

Year 5's Theatre trip to London

We had an amazing time visiting London for the school of rock performance near Covent garden, the children got to see some of the sights of London a full de-brief can be found on the headteachers blog!


Year 6 Trip to Paris

What a fabulous trip Year 6 had this term! A trip to Paris with an unforgettable visit to Disneyland. You can see by the photos how much fun was had by all. A truly wonderful experience for everyone and some unforgettable memories created. 

Year 5's MK Dons

Year 5 have had a great time getting to know our MK Dons and getting the chance to learn more about the sport encouraging  our children in Year 5 to learn something new!





VIP Assembly

We would like to congratulate all of our children for the hard work and effort they have all put in at Old Stratford Primary School, but there were a small number who our teachers felt deserved a VIP recognition at our assembly today. Below we can see all 14 of them pictured with their medals.





Year 6 Water fight

After a hard week of SAT's the children in Year 6 were allowed to let off some steam with a good old fashioned water fight!



Well done to Year 5!  They've had a wonderful few days with the team from Bikeability to achieve their certificates in Level 1 and Level 2 cycling proficiency.  Below are a few images captured from sunny Monday.  

VIP Assembly

We would like to congratulate all of our children for the hard work and effort they have all put in at Old Stratford Primary School, but there were a small number who our teachers felt deserved a VIP recognition at our assembly today. Below we can see all 14 of them pictured with their medals.

OSSA quiz night

Well done to our OSSA for organising this amazing quiz night that had over 40 guests attend so a big well done! The winning team for the night pictured below enjoyed a lovely prize together, what a jolly evening and a big thank you to all that attended.


Our very lucky children in Year 4 Residential trip  got to attend Irthlingborough for all sorts of outdoor activities as seen below!

Holi day at Old Stratford Primary School

Today we have been able to give the children in Year 5&6 a wonderful experience learning about Holi day which is an Indian Spring Festival.  We have introduced them to Bollywood dancing, snacks, henna, colourful paint throwing and burning of the effigy.


Year 3 Caldecotte

Year 3 had a wonderful time at the Caldecotte Xperience this week. They had lots of fun canoeing, climbing, power boat driving, going on a night hike and fencing.


Visual Impairment Awareness Day

The whole school took part in a fantastic Visual Impairment Awareness Day. The children experienced numerous activities where they were encouraged too use all of their senses to complete different tasks. The children were also able to experience different types of sight impairment by using special glasses that emulate different sight impairments. Using a Braille machine was a particular  favourite of the children as a fellow student took the lead in showing how it was done.

 What a fabulous day. A big thank you to Mrs Burnside and the Northampton Visual Impairment Support Team for helping to organise this wonderful experience for our children.

Year 3&4 Bikeability Level 1

The sun was shining for our Year 3&4 who did very well achieving their Level 1 in Bikeability, below are some pictures from that day and Year 5 are yet to do theirs in April and we are so looking forward to inviting the Bikeability team back to Old Startford Primary School! 

Young Voices assembly!

Today we had the musical delights from our Years 5&6 for our Young Voices today in assembly, they sang beautifully for those who couldn't attend and the whole school had the chance to be apart of the magic that was our Young Voices at the 02!

Toy Museum Trip

Our topic this term is all about ‘Toys’ so this week Year 1 and Year 2 decided to take  a trip to The Higgins Museum in Bedford. They had an amazing time looking at and playing with toys from the past. They also had a creative session making traditional toys. Please have a look at the gallery photos to see what we all got up to! We thoroughly recommend a visit to the museum. They run lots of fun workshops in the school holidays too.


Young Voices at the 02 2019

Fire Brigade visits Old Stratford School

 We were delighted to welcome our local Northamptonshire Fire Brigade to speak to our Reception Year, they showed us all the tools involved and taught the children what to do in case of an emergency and how vital it is that they act and stay out of danger where possible. Please see photos below showing a very brief meeting with our firemen before they had to dash off on a real emergency call which the children got to watch.

Saints Day


A thirty minute journey away from Old Stratford Northampton Rugby Ground, the children were greeted in the ‘Member’s Bar’ to talk through the facts and history of this Immense stadium.

The children were able to play rugby-type games and  then the children were treated to a teamwork game in the members bar, the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and this was a great experience once again to show the children and amazing sport to inspire the mind.

Toy Story day with Year 1&2

 Pictures below show our Toy Story day where children watched exerts from toy story learning how to describe the characters and creating Mr Potato head in the style of Pablo Picasso.

Year 1&2 London Eye Trip

Pictures below show the wonderful opportunity that our children had to see the sights they spoke about in the 'We love London assembly' it was a beautiful day with clear skies for us to see for miles around and a relaxing boat trip showing us the sights of London.

Year 2 'We Love London' Assembly

 Year 2 did us proud, not a mistake in sight and every one shone like stars with their ‘We love London Assembly’ telling us all about London’s iconic buildings, history and who could forget 006 and a bit, Billy Bond.

Today we also welcomed a very important visitor to Old Stratford Primary, THE QUEEN!!!!

We were taken on a tour of iconic monuments learning about interesting facts that will make it even more special for the children when they actually visit these great buildings at the London Eye trip on the 4th December.

 We couldn’t be more proud watching our children perform and putting so much effort into each costume and prop, I think the parents can agree that they certainly deserved a big round of applause!



A hard working day in Reception

Our Reception have been having a lovely day enjoying the sunshine in the outdoor area.

Fruit Kebabs for Reception

Our Reception children had a wonderful time today designing and making their own fruit kebabs. Look at all of those repeated patterns!

Science Day

The whole school enjoyed a day of science today. It began with a very exciting Science Assembly before the children went off to their classes to investigate and carry out their own experiments.

Archery Competition


Basket Ball Wow Day!

Early Years Bubble Making

Year 1 and 2 Castles Day

Stone Age Day for Years 3 & 4

Hatching Chicks

Year 2 Class Assembly

VIP Assembly 6.10.17

Harvest Assembly