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Old Stratford Primary School

Celebrations and Achievements

'Creating Lifelong Learning Opportunities for Everyone'


The key aims of our celebration and reward systems are:

  • To ensure every child in the school has opportunities for reward, celebration and sharing of their achievements.
  • To have a variety of rewards that are related to both individual and team achievements.
  • To have an inclusive approach, showing everyone is SMART at something.
  • To involve parents in helping celebrate their child's achievement.
  • To create an ethos of fun and excitement and create a feeling of a BIG event.

Golden Tickets and VIP Awards

  • Approximately once every half term, each class teacher will choose some children that they feel are deserving of a Golden Ticket.
  • These children will receive a golden ticket inviting their parents and family to a special VIP Assembly.
  • Golden Ticket Winners and guests are seated on chairs for the assembly.
  • A VIP red carpet is laid down the centre of the hall for the VIP children to walk down to collect their awards.
  • All Golden Ticket winners are then called to the front, one by one, to receive their certificate and VIP Medal.
  • Each Class Teacher explains why each child has been awarded the VIP Award.
  • Lastly, the children are greeted by our very own Old Stratford paparazzi for a photo shoot before walking back up the red carpet to sit with their guests.

 Merit System

Every child in the school has the opportunity to earn merits from any staff member in the school. This system is purely for the individual and merits can be earned for anything. There are 3 stages to the merit system - Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each stage is worth 25 merits. Once a child has earned 25 merits they can exchange their merits for a voucher which they can spend in the Merit Shop.

The shop is run and financed through the Student Council. The shop is filled with a variety of toys, stationery and gadgets.

Walk In Mornings

We are very aware that children achieve everyday and we as teachers are very privileged to witness this. Therefore we hold a 'Walk In Morning' approximately once a month where you as parents and carers can come in and work alongside your child on an activity set up by the class teacher. This gives parents and carers the opportunity to see their child working in the school environment.