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How to help at home

'Creating Lifelong Learning Opportunities for Everyone'


There are many ways in which you can help your child at home.


Independence is key to a child's learning. If a child can do something by themselves then always let them. We can sometimes help our children too much. Children enjoy independence more that you think. Try some of these activities to encourage age-appropriate independence. Click on your child's year group and challenge them at home.

 Challenge At Home Yr2.

Challenge At Home Yr3.

Challenge At Home Yr4.

Challenge At Home Yr5.

Challenge At Home Yr6.


Reading is a key skill that your child will need to achieve in life. You can help your child achieve their full potential by giving your child lots of opportunities to read. Here are some ideas you could try at home:

  • Let them see you read.
  • Share a newspaper or a magazine.
  • Encourage them to read the backs of cereal packets.
  • Read to your child regularly - even 8-11 year olds enjoy being read to. Try a book that would be difficult for your child to access on their own. This will increase their comprehension skills and improve their vocabulary.
  • Listen to your child read. Question their understanding.
  • Visit the library or take your child to a good book shop to browse.


It is important that children learn to say the pure sound so that are able to blend and make words for effectively. Please use the following links to help your child at home when learning their phonic sounds.

How to say Set 1 sounds

How to blend sounds

Reading digraphs with your child

10 things to think about when you read to your child


There are lots of things you can do at home to help your child with their maths skills. Fluency is  important so learning keys skills such as number bonds and times tables is key. Use the links below to help at home.

Times tables worksheets

Number Bond Worksheet

Times Table Tester

Follow the links below to help your child at home with maths fluency.

Hit The Button

Granny Prix

Conker Maths

Maths App List


Spelling always needs lots of practise. The best way to help your child is to make it fun and often. Here are some websites that you can use at home to help.


Dynamo Spelling

Drag 'n' Spell

Spelling and English Games 7-11

Spelling and English Games 5-7